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» Fal 'Chavamee [wip]
Wed Jun 26, 2013 5:11 pm by Crimzon

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Fal 'Chavamee [wip]

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Fal 'Chavamee [wip]

Post by Crimzon on Wed Jun 26, 2013 5:11 pm

Fal 'Chavamee


Main Information
Name: Fal 'Chavamee
Nickname: Arbiter
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Occupation: Mercenary
Personality: Fal 'Chavamee

(please give at least two likes in bullet points, you can say why if you wish but its not compulsory. Maximum of four likes)
do the same as you did for likes, but how ever many you put for Likes,
you must put the same amount of dislikes, you don't have to say why, but
it must be reasonable)
(same as above, same amount of dislikes and likes)
(same as above, same amount of fears, dislikes and likes)
(there must be three motivations and there must be an explanation as to why, please bullet point them)

Height: (Be realistic with these measurements, normally done in feet)
Weight: (Be realistic, normally done in stones)
Eye Color: (Unusual colors are allowed)
Hair Color: (Unusual colors are allowed)
Length/Style: (Please be as descriptive as you can, at least one paragraph with 4 lines in said paragraph.)
Outfits: (please be as descriptive as you can, if pictures will help then please put pictures in spoilers)
(if your character doesn't have any scars or birthmarks then please put
N/A here if there is a specific shape or image you wish to add to show
birthmarks or scars, then please put it in a spoiler)
(put N/A if your character doesn't have a tattoo, you must give a
picture in spoiler and tell us the color and where it is on your
character's body)

Back Story

Family Name: (obvious)
NPC Family Members: (if there are members of your family which are NPC's, put them here)
Members: (if there are either other accounts ot other people who are on
the site whom are playing as your family, put them here, even if your
character doesn't know them IC (in character) you still need to put them

Family: (What makes your family special and different from the rest minimum of 2 paragraphs with four lines)

Family History: (if there is a history to the family, put it here, minimum of 4 paragraphs)

Character History

(this is where you add your character's history, it is optional but
normally it helps to see what type of character you are. There must be a
minimum and 5 paragraphs with four lines if you do decide to complete

Role play Sample

(this is for seeing how good of a role player you are. There has to
be a minimum of 500 words, please note there is a word counter on the
widgets and so you may see how much you have written there. If it hits
1000 words or more, please put it in a spoiler)

Extra Information

Main Account?: (If you say no, please state your main account)

Alt Account: (If you have another account, what is it?)

Face Claim: (Who is your face claim?)

Anime: (what is anime/game/show is your face claim from)

Special Message: (If you have a special message or anything extra to say, please put it here)

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