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Main Rules of the Site [MUST READ WHEN YOU ARRIVE]

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Main Rules of the Site [MUST READ WHEN YOU ARRIVE]

Post by The Creator on Sun May 26, 2013 9:29 am

Hello there Stranger, I am The Creator of this site, I welcome you to The Path of Destiny. This site is a new idea which has come to me whilst role playing with a lot of people in the past.

Before you get started with role playing or doing anything else on this site, you must look at the main rules below to further the enjoyment of this site and to keep everyone happy and make everything fair.

  1. Language - All threads will be carefully monitored for words which are classed as swear words, this means if one of the members of staff believe you are swearing but the word you use is not what you believe is a swear word, then they have the right to either make you change it to a more appropriate word or to lock the thread until further notice, depending on how many swear words are in the thread. Should you believe that the action of the staff was uncalled for, please message me, The Creator and I will personally deal with it.
    This also applies to the Chatbox feature on this site, but this means if you swear and a member of staff sees it, then you get a verbal warning, which WE WILL keep a track on. If swearing persists then you will be banned from the Chatbox for a certain amount of time, be it 1 hour to 1 week, if it continues you will be banned until further notice.

  2. Harassment - Harassment is a very uncommon thing when it comes to sites likes these, but it does happen, if you start getting harassed, please notify a member of staff and we will deal with it as soon as we can. If you are the one whom is harassing someone, then we will block you from the site for a week. We do not condone the use of harassment and there is no warning, we will just ban you.

  3. Spamming - There will be no Spamming at all, not even in the chat box, this causes clutter on this site and that just makes the site untidy. If you are caught spamming, yours posts will be deleted and you will get a warning. If you persist in spamming you will be kicked and banned from chatbox for about an hour. If you keep on persisting afterwards, you may be banned completely.

  4. For advertisements to other sites please post them only in the Advertisement section. It is why that section is there, if an ad is posted anywhere else it will be deleted and the person who placed will receive a warning.

  5. If you feel that there is corruptness with the admins or mods, or unfair treatment and you have substantial proof, then bring it to an administrator and we will further the investigation, dealing with it accordingly.

Thank you for reading these rules and I hope you all enjoy this site, if I add anything to this, I will put a thread up in News and Updates
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